Record review: Young Philadelphia – Yawn Philly [Good Grief]

unnamedOpener ‘Matra Magic’ is very peaceful, starting off relatively slow and although it does get more intense towards the end, this would be great for relaxing after a stressful day.

‘Klondike Kat Always Gets His Mouse’ takes an extremely different path, it is much louder and a lot more is going on in it making at times sound almost messy, however this isn’t a disadvantage, in fact it makes it rather fun.

‘Non-Euclidean Nightmare’ slows down the pace abit but has a nice beat to it, suddenly it starts to pick up a pace and changes its sound extremely; a song which at first would be at home on Smooth Radio is now something that could be featured on Kerrang!

Just like its title, ‘LQDBRKFST’ is bizarre but in a good way, similar to the previous two tracks very loud and heavy, something that is continued into the potential horror movie soundtracker ‘Hypermobility’.

‘Trich’ is a calm rocker with a catchy beat, while closer ‘Kuchisake-onna’ is yet another bizarre track, however it still remains catchy and as the song progresses it gets much easier on the ears.

Yawn Philly may not be for everyone but it doesn’t limit you, it offers a wide variety of styles demonstrating everything Young Philadelphia has to offer.


Words: Kirsty Shewan

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