Record review: The Rockalls – ‘Egoville’

egoThe Rockalls are a punk meets rockabilly band hailing from Glasgow and their new single, ‘Egoville’, is a distorted, chewed up fuzz rocker in the vein of country-punk growlers The Gun Club.

At over three minutes it’s practically proggish for a rock n’ roll song but ‘Egoville’ segues nicely between chunky stabs of power chord and a sing-along chorus before some impressive melodic guitar lines usher the song out the door.

B-side ‘Monkey Hymn’ opens with a surf-rock riff and bent guitar notes reminiscent of Dick Dale or Duane Eddy.

With tight and impressive musicianship that filters sixties songcraft through the medium of eighties alt-rock The Rockalls fine tune a sound that would be equally at home at any point in the last twenty to thirty years.

Fellow retro revivalists like The Computers or Rocket from The Crypt diversify their sound with keyboards and brass respectively but there is a certain purity to The Rockalls, which is rather appealing.

Catch them at the launch of their new EP in Nice N’ Sleazy on February 22

Words: Max Sefton

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