Live review: Brewdog Party with Washington Irving, The Shiverin’ Sheiks, The New Piccadillys, NYC Brass Band at SWG3, 1/3/14

IMG_3038York’s NYC Brass Band has a great mix of songs, with covers from ‘Get Lucky’ to ‘Sexual Healing’.

They set the tone for the evening, and really get the crowd involved with a mix of male and female vocals, and a range of instruments.

Four-piece 60’s beat group The New Piccadillys are in sharp matching Teddy boy style suits and play a wide variety of sixties and sixties influenced music.

They’re very tight and together and their energetic, 45 minute set is arguably the set from what we see.

Late fifties early sixties country and rock n roll influences four-piece The Shiverin’ Sheiks’ enigmatic frontman, wears a Stetson and him and his band are all confident performers, together and tight in a long set, that never fails to keep the crowd interested.

Glasgow country orientated five-piece Washington Irving don’t lack a rock edge, quite in keeping with the new country genre that seems to have taken over the airwaves of late.

Again they’re very tight and together and bring a core fan base of people singing along, certainly potential do very well commercially.

More photos

Words/photos: Patrick Phillips

Editor’s note: due to reviewer problems the photographer was asked to pen a few words following the show, however due to a camera issue had to leave before the show ended, hence the headliners missing out on mention.


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