Live review: BDY_PRTS at Sleazy’s, 5/3/14

1557637_574330659310880_1630140745_nJill O’Sullivan (Sparrow & The Workshop) and Jenny Reeve (Strike The Colours) are like sleek twins centre stage; with shiny eyes painted on their eyelids they instantly make Sleazy’s seem more glamorous.

Having filled out their sound with the live addition of Johnny Scott on drums, their joint venture BDY_PRTS (which they have stenciled in their kit without vowels) is becoming more developed than the original covers and collaborations with which they have been filling support slots around town for a while.

They present songs written in a caravan on Cumbrae – a “writing weekend” (Jill mimes drinking), they banter with the crowd in a way that they had earlier promised each other not to indulge in, but their good humour is part of what makes these Body Parts work.

Sweeter than the sometimes harsh sounds of Sparrow And The Workshop, dueting with Jenny brings out a softer quality in Jill’s voice, but there is still a delicious hint of menace in their lyrics.

The call and response “where have you gone” of single ‘IDLU’ holds so much promise, here sounding starker than the polished production (courtesy of Glasgow electro wiz Miaoux Miaoux) of the recorded version.

The rawness and homemade feel of some of their other numbers has its charm, but there is potential to achieve something special, and true to their pop sensibility if they continue in this vein.

Their closing number references ’90s RnB in the blurred beats, and it’s easy to imagine as a hit.

BDY_PRTS don’t yet have quite enough songs for an album in their set, (another weekend at Millport beckons?) but they could produce something that will take everyone by surprise.

Words: Lucy Brouwer


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