Record review: Tuff Love – Junk [Lost Map]

avatars-000069923066-e179t3-t500x500It certainly felt like spring had arrived when listening to ‘Sweet Discontent’, the harmonic glory of the vocals provided by Suse and Julie compliments the bouncy guitar riff delightfully, likewise the track is held together with a strong rhythmic accompaniment from Michael on drums.

The simple yet effective approach to their music gives Tuff Love that classic soft indie appeal while bringing their own take on the genre.

“I was the meat in her sandwich,” the lyrics in ‘Penguin’ are both fun but poignant, there’s lots to discover in these magical nuances of drifting discords and snare taps.

‘Poncho’ gets a little deeper as down strokes punch out on guitar, another thing that’s clear is that these folks know how to throw out something pretty smashing, but keep it brief enough to leave you wanting more.

‘Copper’ introduces a contrast in theme with a strong bass feature and a nice highlight of vocals running overhead like a surly stroll down the water.

As ‘Flamingo’ begins, there’s suspense and hesitation like the roaring of an engine the track kicks of with gutsy bass.

Tuff Love manage to offer a neat yet unpredictable EP, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t found them sooner.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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