Thin Privilege – Thin Privilege [Struggletown]

Possessing one of the most ferocious and intense live shows in the city, the expectations of Thin Privilege’s debut release are high.

This is not your everyday band; with a lineup consisting of two bass guitars, drums and vocals they have created a sound like no other.

Creating a chaotic blend of elements from hardcore, math rock, dance, post-punk and noise rock the band seem to have taken influence from acts rarely heard spoken in the same sentence, bands like Converge, Arab On Radar, Swans and even Joy Division shine through on the album.

The band provide us with a 27-minute chaotic assault of feedback filled distorted bass guitars driven by pounding drum parts and topped off by uneasy and often screeched vocals.

From start to finish this album is an intense and often uncomfortable ride but that’s what makes it so great, Thin Privilege have created an original brand of music with the intensity and sheer viciousness of no other band.

This album is one of the many prime examples of the incredible and original music coming out of Glasgow right now.

Thin Privilege are not the band for everyone, some may consider what they do unlistenable but to others this album will be an amazing listening experience, an experimental album on par with some of the greats.

Words: Iain Gillon


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