Lyla Foy, Turtle at Sleazy’s, 21/3/14

Lyla Foy’s having a good week – on Monday she released her debut album, Mirrors The Sky, and she received a glowing review from Pitchfork, which can really help an artist of her nature.

The venue is sparse for Turtle and doesn’t approach the point of heaving; still, the boys make a solid electronica sound that shakes the basement venue.

Oldie ‘Fear of Falling’ sticks out like a sore thumb with its electro pop style and conventionally structured flow, especially when compared to the King of Limbs-era Radiohead-esque ‘Compartmentalisation’ with its blips and complex rhythms.

Some tracks are a little too long, and the band are maybe a little too relaxed, but overall their performance is good enough.

If Turtle are the epitome of artificial with their keyboards and laptops, Lyla Foy‘s multi-layered accompaniment sounds much more natural and folky, aided greatly by her ethereal vocals and nature-influenced stage design.

Opener ‘Left to Wonder’ from the Shoestring EP has a delicately beautiful chorus, and is certainly amplified in the live setting.

Tracks like the opener bring to mind Emma’s Imagination at her more tranquil, while songs like ‘Magazine’ invoke St Vincent’s classy quirkiness.

Set closer, and album opener, ‘Honeymoon’ is Foy’s set epic – appropriately climactic, it brings to an end a pleasant little show that doesn’t have as much attention as it deserves.

Still, as word of mouth spreads, Lyla Foy can hope for bigger crowds and bigger venues – she has the live performance to back up the great album.

Words: Scott Wilson

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