Secret Motorbikes – Rum Punch

The surf rock and alt rock crossover sound is warmly welcomed by Glasgow music fans and Secret Motorbikes provide people with exactly what they want.

With a sound that could be described as a cross between Dinosaur Jr. and The Beach Boys the band has given us quite the treat with this new album, Rum Punch.

Since releasing the collection demos and the I Get Up EP in 2012, the group have been making a name for them self by showcasing their energetic live set as much as possible.

Over recent years, people have argued that guitar music is dead and we have watched as popular indie rock has became about the huge name productions instead of the sheer quality of songs themselves.

Secret Motorbikes give us honest, grass roots indie rock that so many of us love, providing us with a collection of catchy lo-fi songs, showing a mix of surf and alt rock influences with barrage of catchy guitar riffs and choruses that just stick in your head.

This album is simply one jam packed with fun and memorable songs and with Glasgow’s alternative guitar rock scene growing in quality at a rapid pace, Secret Motorbikes have stepped it up one more notch.

Words: Iain Gillon


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