Quiet As A Mouse – ‘Casketcase’

‘Casketcase’ the second single proper from Edinburgh based four-piece Quiet As A Mouse is another solid step from these alternative indie guys after receiving rave reviews for their grunge tinged live performances.

The track begins with some stunted, scratchy notes before Alex Moran’s vocals lament over the touching, ever so lightly, on industrial beginnings, before the track escalates into a sliding grunge alternative ruckus.

It quickly gathers pace into a chorus which finds Moran reciting “she’s been digging her own grave,” in an almost distant fashion, yet it’s still infectious enough to have any crowd singing along live.

‘Casketcase’ hints at almost gothic leaning throughout, dark imagery is dotted throughout lyrics, as the sound makes a distinct move away from the classic angular indie rock pastiche of ‘Home Is The Hardest Place To Find’.

It’s encouraging stuff from a band willing to experiment within their genre without throwing it all out the window.

Both tracks were produced by Marcus Mackay and mastered Chris Potter who’ve worked with some of Scotland’s leading alternative acts and this shines through here with ‘Casketcase’ at times echoing some of the more haunting Primal Scream moments.

B-side ‘Dandelion Tea’ is a much more light hearted pop tinged folk effort with classic rock touches, it’s not going to set the world alight but is a nice contrast to the grunge filled ‘Casketcase’.

It’s still early days for QAAM still but there’s definitely enough promise to have our ears pricked for the upcoming EP.

Words: Iain Dawson


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