Vigo Thieves, Prides, Cammy Black at ABC, 29/3/14

Arriving at the ABC around 7.40pm for the Vigo Thieves show I was expecting to see everyone hanging by the bar while the opener struggled to gain the interest of the crowd that was only there for the headliner – that is not the case with Cammy Black.

Even though he may not have a major crowd there, there was a very energetic group at the front of the stage dancing away and singing to.

And why not! Cammy Black has everything you look for from a support at a show like this.

He mixes the sounds of Springsteen and The Gaslight Anthem, two sounds

that are very welcoming when entering a venue, add to that the fact that he looks the rock star part there is nothing not to like.

Between beautiful vocals and impacting guitar rifts, I’m excited about the direction they’re heading.

The crowd makes its way down from the bar to welcome Prides as the main support and they don’t disappoint.

The trio fill the large stage and the crowd get into their set more and more as the set goes on, but never really engage despite being encouraged to do so by the band several times.

Setting up to photograph the headliners from the security pit is a very interesting view point; you get to see the band psyching themselves up to take the stage, while the crowd builds up again the barrier.

The hardcore fans (wearing the bands logo t-shirt VIGO DAFT) placed perfectly between the crowd to motivate everyone to get hyper at just the right times.

This has the making of a breaking point for the band and is their biggest show to date and everyone came out to celebrate with them.

Taking their places on stage in the dark we get ready for the night to erupt; camera’s at the ready, fan’s waiting for the first note and the band members taking in this moment.

The memory of watching a band while photographing them from the pit is a very odd one, the first two-minutes are always a blur as you spend that time focused on getting as many shots as possible, but when you do look up, you get to appreciate being in the middle of something amazing.

There are those moments when you catch a smile or smirk from the band members away from the rock star persona; it really makes them look like a well-grounded band.

Vigo Thieves is the latest Scottish band to captivate Glasgow and they seem to be over the moon by not only all the attention they are receiving but also the fact that this is really happening for them.

More photos

Words/photos: Ronnie Poffley


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