Fatherson – I Am An Island [A Modern Way]

To say that there was a hype surrounding the release of Fatherson’s I Am An Island would be a gigantic understatement.

After a plethora of previous releases, this album is a collection of remastered versions of old fan favourites plus a few new numbers thrown in for good measure.

The four piece, originally from Kilmarnock, have been making waves in the Scottish music scene for quite some time and they have gone from strength to strength.

Selling out their last show in Glasgow at the QMU is among their achievements, with 500 people in attendance, many singing back their words in a full fledged fervor.

They have been commended on their live performance – I can also attest to this – so it has been of great interest to see how that translates on to a full-length release.

The opening track and title track, ‘I Am An Island’, opens softly, then crescendos into loud and spectacular.

Singer Ross Leighton’s voice has the ability to captivate from the outset, and is able to keep a firm hold throughout the whole record.

Comparing the sound to the concept of the album, it is evident that they correlate beautifully and intentionally.

Like waves, songs like ‘Half The Things’ are able to soothe and calm, while more upbeat songs like ‘Mine For Me’ are able to rise up and crash loud.

Everything in between is able to bob along in great temperament, never lulling.

One of the standout songs, ‘Dust’, is a stripped down, acoustic example of Fatherson’s heart aching brilliance.

To help aid them in their alternative/indie sound is the use of strings, which they have utilised in order to heighten the ethereal sound.

2014 will be Fatherson’s year, there is no doubt about that, instead of just making waves, this album will typhoon into the hearts and minds of every listener and anchor itself there.

Words: Alisa Wylie


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