Cut Copy at ABC, 12/4/14

Despite the Aussie foursome leaving the stage for five minutes after opening track ‘We Are Explorers’ due to a “loss of power” to the stage, they still manage to show the keen Glaswegian crowd a good time.

Shuffling apologetically back on stage after a brief interlude they waste no time at all and catapult into the 80’s synth-pop sweetness of ‘Take Me Over’.

Next up is title track of their newest release ‘Free Your Mind’, this new sound is uncharted territory for Cut Copy whose last, much loved, albums Zonoscope, In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love owed much to the whimsical, upbeat 80’s pop and 60’s psychedelic era.

Now however with the help of producer David Fridmann (MGMT and The Flaming Lips), their sound takes on a much larger hacienda warehouse feel, owing more to 808 State, Primal Scream and dare I say it? Happy Mondays?

It’s easy to draw comparisons to Happy Mondays as the band are armed with a multitude of cowbells and drum machines, but even more so when during ‘Let Me Show You Love’ (a chorus revamp of 90’s champions K-Klass anyone?) multi-instrumentalist Tim Hoey demonstrated some of his best Bez style dance moves before scaling a nearby speaker, much to the audiences delight.

‘Let Me Show You Love’ is a standout track with its repetitive synth loop and the reverberating lyrical echo coming from frontman Dan Whitford it proves to be a firm favourite.

‘Hearts On Fire’ seems to send a bolt of energy through the almost sold out crowd, this galvanises everyone into some serious toe tapping and finger pointing.

‘Meet Me In The House Of Love’ showcases just how much energy the Melbourne quartet have, as they energetically bounce around on stage in time with the warping synths, while still managing to deliver the song in the sleek manner that they are known for on record.

Cut Copy are renowned for putting on a good show; using video projections that are known to naturally produce hallucinations as a backdrop (no really look here), dancing around on stage like four happy puppy dogs and paying live some epic disco pop beats can guarantee you will have a good time – even if the stage has no power.

More photos

Words/photos: Angela Canavan

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