The Dunwells, Just Hope at Oran Mor, 18/4/14

Easter weekend and sunshine makes for a perfect occasion for a pleasant evening at Oran Mor, indeed, families take advantage of this beautiful day to go out and have a look of what is happening in the musical field in Glasgow.

Tonight, we begin with some pop/folk music from Just Hope, a Scottish band composed of some friends and having influences derived from the Dire Straits.

Using a Spanish guitar, the singer knows how to make the audience move, it’s a very good start for a very good night.

The room is full of happy people dancing and jumping on the rhythm, accompanied by dynamic guitar riffs.

The end of the set is very much the climax and Just Hope go down as a good appetiser.

More and more people arrive to intimate venue; you can hear some French and Italian chatter going on, it appears The Dunwells attract a good part of Europe.

The second local support comes with some obvious Oasis influences, the singer, holding his tambourine, is an interesting showman, he makes the ambiance, urging people to come closer, move and dance.

They are a solid live band but still, generally speaking, it is not great shakes, they seem more concentrated on the show than the live.

The lead singer makes weird jokes, he uses his guitar as a toy and the lyrics remain quite flat, people dance but it is a hesitant dance.

Dream’ is very melancholic and sad, which looks pretty much like a stereotype, but good feelings are present, the music is captivating in some ways, the only thing maybe lacking is soul.

Leeds’ The Dunwells take the stage with the venue almost full, and they play a good set, full of great harmonies between the lead singer, Joseph Dunwell and his brother on the guitar.

Nobody is left aside in The Dunwells’ world, second song of the night ‘Goodnight My City’ is very pleasant with a tender melody, The Dunwells know how to surprise and they have this massive energy while being really involved in their music.

Adding to that, they have a great lyrical background, many which many here tonight know by heart.

There is a very cheerful and warm atmosphere tonight, the Dunwell brothers have potential, vocally speaking they strike the perfect balance.

For the encore, they perform a perfect a’capella song and finish with their most famous tune, ‘Follow the Road’ with an audience in full voice.

In general, the acoustic approach of their music could be deemed not too lively but the electricity they can create makes this night a very intense one.

More photos

Words: Juliette Carnejac
Photos: Stewart Fullerton

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