SHARPTOOTH – Come Cut Me Open [Number4Door]

This female four-piece are gradually creeping out from the shadows and seducing Glasgow with their haunting lullabies.

After previously performing alongside the likes of PAWS, Tuff Love and Baby Strange, they now bring to you their dark new EP Come Cut Me Open.

Reminiscent of Warpaint’s The Fool, each instrument remains illusive yet singularly distinctive, all complimenting one another as the lulls of the dull guitar and bass drones act as a vein as they carry the vessel of the vocals to the heartbeat of the drums.

The intro of opener ‘Come Cut Me Open’ quietly lures you into their dark lair before violently shaking you for your intrusion.

‘War Of Roses’ is confronting and confident, grabbing you by the throat before shoving you into the arms of the romantic and feisty ‘Valentine’.

They don’t let you off easily though, as the screams of final track ‘Invidia’, recorded live at Stereo in Glasgow, beat you raw.

You’ll be left with bruises and scars from this one, but that won’t stop you wanting to go back for more.

Words: Blue Kirkhope


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