Chet Faker at Broadcast, 23/4/14

Tonight at Broadcast is Australian Chet Faker’s second gig on his current album tour, and his first time ever in Glasgow, something he is as excited about, as is the crowd.

Faker makes a very modest entrance to the stage, and opens with the short but sweet ‘Archangel’, the haunting lyrics holding the crowd mesmerised and unnaturally still for an upbeat song.

Next up is the opening track from Faker’s debut EP Thinking in Textures, ‘I’m Into You’, breaking the spell cast by the opening track and setting the oddly contrasting upbeat-yet-mellow mood that is typical of Faker’s music.

The rest of the set is a mixture of old and new, with old favourites like ‘Terms and Conditions’ and the abstract ‘Cigarettes and Chocolate’ mixed in with tunes from current album Built On Glass, like ‘Blush’ that builds into a heavy electronic number and really gets the crowd moving.

Interspersed with Faker’s easy banter, the whole set is a delight but one of the main highlights is a funky version of ‘No Diggity’, the cover that Faker credits with getting him noticed and giving him the opportunity to get his own, and equally fantastic, music released.

This flows seamlessly into ‘Drop the Game’, performed by Faker only tonight but originally off his Lockjaw EP, a collaboration with fellow Australian producer and DJ Flume.

Just when you thought Faker’s set couldn’t get any better he returns for an encore of two absolute classics: his main single from last year ‘Melt’ and a beautifully melancholic version of ‘Talk Is Cheap’, the first single from Built On Glass that holds the crowd enthralled to the last beat.

Faker’s easy-going attitude and relaxed electronica are the perfect combination for Broadcast’s intimate gig space and while the crowd could easily have listened forever the gig ends on a perfect and satisfying note.

Here’s hoping Chet Faker returns to Glasgow sooner rather than later.

More Photos

Words: Katherine Haig
Photos: Daphne Michalaki


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