Dum Dum Girls at SWG3, 7/5/14

A heavily anticipated returns to Glasgow for Dum Dum Girls sees them not only meet said anticipation but blow it completely out the water.

Starting off with the fast paced ‘Bedroom Eyes’ from 2011’s Only In Dream, it shows a band, that despite touring the tremendous new record Too True are not afraid to dish out some fan favourites.
‘I Got Nothing’ is up next and it quickly transpires that no matter what song Dum Dum Girls pick from their back catalogue, it is going to be played seamlessly, meticulously and with a passion that’s all too rare on the live circuit.

Dee Dee’s vocals being one of many highlights and indicators that the Dum Dum Girls are the real deal both live and on record.
The frantic ‘In The Wake Of You’ is the first song to be played off the new album and it’s a fitting reminder that this band is evolving and getting better.

The rhythm section shows off their amazing cohesion during the stark contrasts of the melody and vocals.

The new album alone demonstrates that Dee Dee has a unique ability to craft lovely three-minute whimsical fantasies, not since The Smiths has a band been able counterbalance jangly upbeat melodies with sullen and isolating lyrics this well.
The set is played at a ridiculous tempo and the songs come thick and fast, ‘He Gets Me High’ is followed by ‘Too True To Be Good’ and the crowd seem to get swept along by the expeditious nature.

‘It Only Takes One Night’ is a massive treat for fans and it begs the question: has there been a better two-minutes and two-seconds of music ever produced?.
Dum Dum Girls have always been intoxicating live and they show no let up in this department here, tonight the crowd have been well and truly tamed and are certainly in the palms of Dee Dee and co.

The band gives nothing away with a ridiculously tight set and tighter pleasantries in between songs, this is a professional aural assault that seems to be over in a heartbeat.

The encore, which consists of a Pale Saints cover, is as ruthless as the rest of the set.
It’s hard to reflect upon a set that is breathless, seamless and as passionate as this one, ‘mature’ and ‘fuller sounding’ are easy go-to buzzwords but in all honesty that’s a lazy cop out.

This band, led fiercely by Dee Dee, is honing its craft perfectly, if you don’t believe me, ask anyone that is here tonight.

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Words: Andrew Melrose
Photos: Angela Canavan

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