Deathcats, Shithawks, Kill Surrrf, SHARPTOOTH at The Old Hairdressers, 8/5/14

Another solid Fuzzkill curated lined-up sparked the first of two exciting split tape releases, this one for Deathcats and Shithawks, Shit Death.

Glasgow all female four-piece SHARPTOOTH start proceedings with a set that lingers in haunting dark beauty before throwing out some attention grabbing harsh moment that all add up to an addictive opening.

It’s a confident set from a band that seem to be going from strength to strength since their EP was released on Number4Door.

Kill Surrrf have seem to have been playing endlessly without any physical output, that is until Fuzzkill pick up their single the other month, and tonight has the Johnny Lynn led four-piece sounding bigger than previous outings.

Their name gives away plenty of clues about their sound and the reverb ridden surf pop, combined with a stronger presence has the healthy crowd hooked.

Dundee trio Shithawks are the one we know least about on the bill, but they soon put any queries to bed as they deliver a fun filled set that is as much hardcore as it is rock n’ roll.

These guys may well be new to Rave Child but we’ll certainly have our ears pricked for what’s next on the horizon, checking out the tape is top of the list.

Deathcats seem more and more confident every time they play and it’s easy to tell why there’s so much hype surrounding their upcoming debut album.

Tonight they smash The Old Hairdressers with a set crammed full of addictive hooks and boyish banter, James McGarragle’s vocal delivery oozes confidence and with what’s on display tonight it’s easy to see their spiky, sunkist surf punk soundtracking this summer.

Words: Iain Dawson


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