A Band Called Quinn – ‘Forget About It’ [Tromolo]

A Band Called Quinn’s new single ‘Forget About It’ is a beautifully dark art-pop song.

From the off, the menacing bassline played through a fuzz pedal lays down the law before it drifts to the background to pave the way for singer Louise Quinn’s feisty vocals.

While keeping the song interesting and avant-garde with a multitude of sounds and psychedelic tendencies, the song – first and foremost – is a well-written pop tune.

With the hook of: ”got to forget about it” and a “sha la la” refrain, this song is both intriguing and accessible through its clever arrangement.

The track is also the main-track in support of their groundbreaking live multimedia show Biding Time (Remix) that is touring throughout May.

With barrow-loads of attitude, and several exciting layers of sounds throughout, this track will be one that’s hard to get out of your head.

Words: Neil Hayton

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