The LaFontaines – Under The Storm [Lab]

In terms of the current Scottish music scene, a band that needs no introduction is The LaFontaines.

They play a unique hip-hop infused brand of rock music that has gained them a large dedicated following, and it appears that their devout fans will be far from disappointed with new release Under The Storm.

The story behind the video lead of single and title track from the Motherwell five-piece’s most recent release is reason enough to buy this, in order to fund (or not, as it may be) their next video.

Having blown away their video budget in a Glasgow casino, the DIY video for the track has nods to OK Go’s ‘Here It Goes Again’ video among other classics, as well as GoPro footage from their night in the Corinthian Casino.

‘Under The Storm’ itself seamlessly combines aspects of both indie-rock and hip-hop; the main vocal refrain, which one can imagine being sung back at them by hundreds of fans, is joined by some huge guitar sounds and some extremely clever and melodic rapping.

I was slightly bewildered at how second track ‘Malcolm Tucker’ could be called such without at least 26 C-words in homage to Peter Capaldi’s character in BBC’s ‘The Thick Of It’.

The track is far more hip-hop orientated than the main single and although Rick Ross is name-checked, parts could easily also be compared to the likes of Rage Against The Machine – especially when the distorted guitar kicks in.

‘L.O.C.O’ begins with a raucous guitar melody, which incites a song that should be played at a loud volume while jumping around.

Closing with a remix of ‘Under The Storm’ by Glasgow DJ Big Al, this ‘Club Remix’ most likely wouldn’t fit in with the majority of the Glasgow night club scene but nonetheless makes for good listening, and is an interesting take on the single.

With exciting rap parts, loud guitars and a strong rhythm section the band hop from genre to genre with ease, this LaFontaines shows that the band have continued to mould a sound that is fresh and appealing.

Words: Neil Hayton

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