Friends In America – ‘The More I Have, The Less I Own (The More I Learn, The Less I Know)’

Following on from last year’s impeccable What It Is To Be mini-album, Friends In America’s first “official” release to date, the Glasgow-based quartet have waste no time in producing a follow-up single.

‘The More I Have, The Less I Own (The More I Learn, The Less I Know)’ is three and a half minutes of not-quite-pop music that captivates and seems to strike the same tone as that ‘Look Up’ video that was circulating social media recently.

Picking up on the subject matter of meaningless possessions and knowledge, the chorus may be a little too repetitive for some, but surely the perfect balance of energy and mystery drawn up by the sounds is enough to overshadow any potentially “boring” lyrics.

Backed up by a jovial green screened music video, the band’s first, ‘The More I Have…’ is a quick injection of high quality music by the super-talented Friends In America, and surely an appetiser for tastier things to come.

Words: Kyle McCormick


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