Campfires In Winter – ‘We’ll Exist’

It’s easy to compare Campfires In Winterto other Scottish post rock bands, but ‘We’ll Exist’ ensures they stand out on their own.

The opening piano melody really sets the tone for the song, a beautifully delicate yet intense tone.

Sunken, heavy bass lines complimented by the dulcet vocals in the verses capture your attention instantly, before the tremolo guitar and simple, but effective, drumming sets up the chorus.

The verse drops out suddenly to a change of rhythm in the chorus, creating a sharp contrast between the two parts.

It’s welcomed, though, and the chorus really captivates with the confident and reassuring repeated lines of “we’ll exist” belting out of Robert Canavan’s lungs.

You truly believe every word Canavan sings.

‘We’ll Exist’ is simple but effective and Campfires In Winter certainly prove they have the ability to expand on what they have done here to write anthems which deserve to be sung at the top of every festival attendee’s lungs.

Words: Joshua Campbell


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