Poor Things – Poor Things [Saraseto]

Poor Things’ self-titled album is a clear step in the right direction.

Single ‘1998’ acts as a good introduction; offering an upbeat tempo with guitar led melodies with crashing drums and rebel lyrics.

With a clear 90’s punk influence in the stroppy droning tones of the vocals and tumbling layered melodies, it is no surprise that the band are 90’s kids which have been deeply impacted by that era; and are all the better for it.

However it has more of an indie rock feel to their previous output, this works well as they allow the guitar to lead the way through the album.

The tempo is well constructed throughout; the introduction of ‘For Edwin Morgan’ offers an upbeat and floaty sound, before returning to the angst punk of ‘Halcyon Days.!’

All this before rounding off the album with an injection of crashing drums and prominent emo styled guitar and vocals in ‘Work’, where they allow their dulcet Scottish tones to work with the music to achieve that angsty sound.

Despite there being a variety of styles on this album, the upbeat nature of Poor Things will have a crowd jumping around in no time.

Words: Julie McLaughlin


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