Optimo (Espacio) Revue with Todd Terje, Ben UFO, Tim Sweeney at The Barrowlands, 25/5/14

East End Social and Optimo (Espacio) helped create a refreshing revue and bacchanal at the world famous Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom.

On a Bank Holiday Sunday day where in Glasgow’s East End competition would be fierce with Radio 1’s Big Weekend at neighbouring Glasgow Green, but to this crowd it seems there was only one place to be.

With an array of talented international DJs on display, featuring sets from Norwegian Todd Terje, Optimo (JD Twitch and JG Wilkes), Ben UFO, New Yorker Tim Sweeney and Glasgow’s own Golden Teacher, the ballroom is sure to be blitzed.

With the event opening its doors as early as 5pm, it was obvious that each performer desired to play a longer set.

In this battle of spectacular blends of electro, techno-enchanted vibes, Tim Sweeney swoons the Glasgow crowd as he blares some of his well-known Chicago house tracks from his New York radio show, Beats in Space.

Sweeney is one of the names on everyone’s lips before this show and he displays exactly why he is rumoured to play the after-show party at Sub Club.

There is a festival type atmosphere during Sweeney’s eclectic set, with many punters sitting at the side sipping their pints and conversing with one another bobbing their heads as others further down the front of the venue are getting in the mood.

As the ballroom starts to fill and the bars become more cramped, Ben UFO ensures the crowd are dancing while waiting for their drinks, in the carnival-type atmosphere.

On a day where the music never stops, the ever interchanging DJs managed to conjure up a fresh take on the word “revue”, which derives from the French word for review, which simply means “a form of theatrical entertainment in which recent events, popular fads, are parodied”.

There is a sense the night is reaching not simply its peak, but the moment many had been waiting for; the arrival on stage of moustache-bearing Todd Terje.

The crowd cheer ecstatically as DJ and turntables are switched once again as Terje emerges to the bright light of Optimo and East End Social that stands like florescent beacons on the stage.

With an influx of funky techno jibes it fells like the sounds from another planet had began to echo around the chambers of this east end venue.

The ballroom at this moment could have easily been mistaken for a space shuttle as continuing in to Todd Terje’s finale; Inspector Norse, the crowd almost begin to rise in to the air smashing their fists and flailing their arms in to the atmosphere.

There is a sense of unity as the extended version of the aforementioned track bounced through the crowd as some began climbing up on each other’s shoulders to embrace the euphoria.

Closing on a long lasting day of international gifted performers and a different type of event for the Barrowlands to host, it would certainly be marked down as a success as the crowd begin to race out to join the queue up the road for Optimo at Sub Club.

Words: Chris Flockhart

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