Real Estate, Tuff Love at The Classic Grand, 26/5/14

Glasgow’s hot ticket Tuff Love open the night, and the power garage three-piece deliver a mix heavy grunge guitars and sweet pop melodies.

They don’t seem to care about the hype surrounding them, which makes them even more cool; they’re no nonsense, no frills attached and play to get the show done though it’s obvious they all love playing as they enthused the early arrivers with catchy songs that only increased the excitement.

Hailing from New Jersey and looking respectively nerdy, Real Estate take the stage to cruise through and lull their audience into a beautiful daze of calming sunkist music with some sing-along’s thrown in for good measure.

Like a modern day Byrds they mix love songs, melancholy and general happiness with jangly melodic and well thought out guitar parts.

Taking tracks from their three-album catalogue Real Estate delight their appreciative audience who loudly sing-along, sway and even sing melody lines back to the band.

There is no heavy dancing tonight, it’s more of a sway and nod affair; the guitars are extremely clean and very bright despite being heavily effected, proving both guitarists put melody first.

The bass is clean and almost funky, along with minimalistic 60s basic garage pop drums, provided an interested rhythm base along side swirling, swishing synth settings that help create a dreamy atmosphere.

Real Estate once again prove why they are the masters of sunny vibes and the darlings of American indie, who cares what the summer is like when you’ve got these guys as a soundtrack.

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Words: Grace Grigson
Photos: Patrick Phillips


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