Mungo’s Hi Fi – ‘Serious Time’ [ft. YT] [Scotch Bonnet]

Glasgow’s own reggae sound system project, Mungos Hi Fi, have the makings to deliver the perfect summer anthem with their new single ‘Serious Time’, released ahead of their forthcoming album of the same name.

The chilled bass beats and sunny brass notes, all tied together with the traditional reggae vocals of leading dancehall artist YT, is a bouquet of the traditional reggae mellowness that lovers of the genre are familiar with; mixed in with a sharp edge of something fresh.

There is no fooling around from Mungo’s Hi Fi, however, as it becomes clear that it really is ‘Serious Time’ with the acute socially aware stance the lyrics take.

The addictive collaboration and euphony of the beats and vocals takes you on a trance like journey to relaxation and leaves you with a feel-good tingle as the beat continues to drive your body forward.

Despite the creative diversity in this record being overwhelming, it indeed will have a lot more to prove for itself when played live with their own infamous soundsystem.

Overall, ‘Serious Time’ is a fruity, feel-good, frenzy of the reggae/dub genre and a chance to prove that Mungo’s Hi Fi is not just a novelty.

Words: Katharine Gemmell

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