Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5 – Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To 1

The comedy album has had a resurgence in recent years; Colonel Mustard and the Dijon 5’s new record however is in a different vain from Flight of the Concord and there imitators.

Un-ashamedly corny and at times forcefully up beat, Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To Make Music To Party To 1 is a good time record; consistently crude, it is, at its best hilarious and at its worst a sweary Singing Kettle.

Opener ‘How Many’s Too Many’ asks the question, when is something too offensive? while no doubt for many people is its own answer.

Swinging horns and acid house influenced rhythm and instrumentation drive this record, this is interesting but sometimes overpowering.

Western imitation ‘Capturado’ is a highlight, an epic six-minute saga about the fear of being stuck with a ‘’capturado’’ a person you can’t stand but can’t escape from (“their breath nine times out of ten is atrocious/ reeking of halitosis”).

A spoken word opening details the very real danger of being in such a situation, some of the albums best lines are included on this track “he described the colour of mature cheddar, thinking it was a sure fire way to bed her”; an irresistible mariachi trumpet solo is the lime in the Corona of an album full of character,

There are some funny moments on this record, but the bolshie attitude does grow tired after a while and some of the jokes would sit comfortably in a racist 70s sitcom, not particularly witty or original.

‘Junkie Breakfast’ is a refreshing break, from the three-chord shanga-lang on-slaught of much of the album, with catchy choruses and amusing lines.

There are plenty of good things here, but after ten tracks; you may feel you are at the mercy of a capturado.

Words: Peter Johnstone

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