Foreign Skies – This Human Error

The Scottish music scene has always surprised by its raw authenticity, essence and the many shapes it has taken over the past decade.

From alternative rock to post rock lays a plethora of different bands exposing different emotions and singularity through their music and vision.

Foreign Skies is one of the new bands that could be added to this already massive musical Scottish layer’s cake.

The band introduces the listeners to their universe with ‘Swells’ and its intoxicating rhythm that reminds us of waves crashing on desolated cliff.

The cradling and relaxing sound of the drums leads to ‘These Hills’, an energetic track that exposes a glimpse of what the band is capable of.

From the simple climbing melody that unleashes the distorted guitar riffs before falling back into a certain calm before the storm, the band creates a very emotional environment where instruments bind a very atmospheric relationship with the howling vocals.

The very quiet and muffled introduction of ‘Go Forth and Destroy’ responds to the aggressive ‘Piste’ and reveals a band that does not mould every song on the previous one, always looking for different ways, always moving forward.

The last two tracks lay bare a fresh talent and great humility, ‘Go Forth and Destroy’ is the perfect closer where guitars and harmonies come rushing like a wavy ocean during a thunderstorm before being dragged back by the isolated guitar notes that quietly end this succulent EP.

This Human Error is a fierce and talented post-rock torrent that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Words: Jeremy Veyret

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