Algernon Doll (Album Launch), Vasa, Wolves at Heart, Lost Limbs at Broadcast, 21/6/14

Lost Limbs open tonight’s show with a loud, abrasive, and complex sound that falls somewhere between the scream revival sound which has swept over the alternative scene and math-rock.

Tonight they’re enjoyable but nothing really stands out, perhaps this is down to them being so earlier in their lifecycle, we can only wait and see.

Next band Wolves At Heart have more than made their stamp on the local pop punk scene, although I’m sure they’d argue they’ve not.

Tonight they are without their regular drummer, so are joined by Bear Arms’ Dean Louden, who has filled almost every position in the band (except vocals) in the past and the chemistry between the members shines through as they confidently play through their set, which is a mix between older, and energetic California-esque pop punk with upbeat lyrics and major chords and darker new material.

As Vasa set their equipment up it becomes evident their sound is going to be vast and they immediately grab your attention, as the venue quickly fills to capacity for the instrumental quartet.

A crowd member of the crowd exclaims “this is fucking insane”, and that’s probably the best way to describe their set, it’s bursting with passion, intensity, and sheer power, Vasa are one of the best post-rock band’s Scotland has ever saw.

Algernon Doll begin with ‘Split Milk Perfume’, the opening track of the album they’re launching tonight, Omphalic, and immediately it’s obvious the band are well rehearsed.

The diversity of the genres within the songs themselves is the most impressive thing about Ewan Grant’s songwriting, the perfectly crafted songs cut across genres which keeps the audience’s attention focused on the music.

As the set goes on the band’s confidence grows, the rhythm section allowing Grant to throw his heart into his music.

The band don’t throw themselves across the stage, they don’t have to, they throw their passion into the songs, and in the case of Grant into his feedback and reverb soaked guitar.

Grant stays in the same position throughout the set, focused solely on the music, the crowd remain with him for every second.

His control of his pedals and his amp’s sounds truly is his secret weapon, he is absolutely immersed in the sound he is producing.

Algernon Doll, the once bedroom project, are really something to be admired, although only three musicians are on stage, it sounds double that.

Solid basslines and dynamic drumming accompany Grant, which allow him the leeway to shape his beautifully sweet vocals around the unique way he plays his guitar.

Latest single ‘Suicide’ is warmly welcomed, it’s a song which belongs in this kind of venue; clangy guitar tones and sombre lyrics feel right in a dark basement.

The only drawback from the set is at times it feels like the band don’t really know how to end their songs, which is a shame as everything else is perfected, but Algernon Doll, in general, have their sound nailed and the addition of a new song, which is yet to even be recorded (probably part of the upcoming Steve Albini produced effort – excited much?) shows Grant has no intention of stopping.

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Words: Joshua Campbell
Photos: Andy Mills


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