Great Cop – Stay Human [Struggletown]

Following up from their 2013 EP Spanish City, Great Cop return with a new release Stay Human, recorded with fast rising Glasgow engineer Paul McInally of 45 a side studios.

The group deliver a sound remnant of alt-rock and post hardcore bands of varying generations, bands like Husker Du, Quicksand and Shellac.

The Struggletown Records four-piece hit us fast and hard with this EP coming in at a total of just nine-minutes.

Opening on ‘Quarantine’, a song which brings to mind Daydream Nation-era Sonic Youth with it’s guitar stylings, topped off with vocals which could be compared to those of Bob Mould.

There are recurring lyrical themes across this EP, the themes of loneliness and isolation, these themes are particularly notable on ‘Sick Of Me”, which musically brings to mind post-punk bands of the 80s such as The Cure and My Bloody Valentine as well as signs of modern alt-rock acts such as Cloud Nothings and Cheetahs.

Building up to a climax with ‘Vacancy’, a very loud, aggressive and rhythmically driven track, with the stabbing and hard hitting stylings of bands like Metz and Drive Like Jehu.

Stay Human is a perfect example of what Great Cop do, a very energetic and interesting release.

Words: Iain Gillon

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