Matt Norris & The Moon – ‘The Anchor’

‘The Anchor’ is the first single from Edinburgh based folk band Matt Norris & The Moon’s much anticipated debut album, due to be released later this year, and it’s a fusion of flutes, mandolins, accordions and swelling choruses, which creates almost a fever of folk-tastic clichés.

The vocal delivery and chorus of the record produce a rather quiet and strangely sombre aura throughout; nonetheless, the melodies and instruments are beautifully expressive while still retaining an imperceptible amount of low key subtlety.

The whole track conveys a dark seriousness that is only broken up by the twinkling melodies of the particularly impressive flute, which flows fluidly to bond the track together and transform it from a dull folksy dud to a joy to listen to.

An interesting mix of quiet and loud rival each other for attention creating a rough edge in that is only smoothed out by Matt Norris & The Moon’s raw yet skilful sound is evident as the music flows beautifully together to an almost flawless level.

Words: Katharine Gemmell

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