Night Noise Team – Rêver Electrique [Permwhale]

From time to time there comes along sound that makes you sit back and chill, no matter the place or time; a record with heart and soul – Rêver Electrique is such an album.

Penned and played by Seam Ormsby and Fabien Pinardon, better known as Night Noise Team, this Edinburgh based electric duo, despite their raucous name, have created a deliciously smooth and classy album, successfully mixing 80’s romantic rock with the smooth beats of modem synth pop.

This makes for a complex but fantastically pleasurable listen, with a little Daft Punk here and a little Talking Heads there.

These influences hold true throughout the album and allow Night Noise Team to play, deliciously, with classic sounds and rhythms.

The album starts with the bass heavy ‘The Enemy, Time’, a soulful and meticulously arranged synth pop gem, combining a mixture of electro keys and David Byrne style vocals.

‘The Enemy, Time’ is an instant single track, with its quotable catchy chorus and light, fresh backing vocals, Night Noise Team have created an annoyingly addictive beat and, indeed, the enemy here is time with this track being the shortest on the album.

Rêver Electrique has recurring relationship themes and within many of the tracks, hides the story of bitter-sweet breakups.

These themes are particularly notable in ‘Picking Up The Pieces’ , “I’m telling you we have had our day” permeates though the cymbal heavy melody and brings back a sour memory for those of us who have felt the pain of parting.

The album’s penultimate track builds to an rhythmic intensity in ‘A Man Makes’, with its smooth Smiths inspired guitar work and spoken Irish accented chorus.

However the final track ‘Theme From Rêver Electrique’ leaves you with a sudden deflated felling of loss.

A tune easily plucked from the soundtrack to a 70’s road movie with its early synth sound and striking strings, ‘Theme From Rêver Electrique’ is a bitter sweet ending to a great journey.

However the stand out track is ‘Days’, an aggressively funky and lyrical track with quivering vocals and a simple riff that are compounded by a thrashing drum line and pounding bass.

‘Days’ has a foot shuffling rhythm and is the upbeat little brother to ‘A Man Makes’.

Rêver Electrique is a fantastic example of two styles becoming one, a mature and smart pop album with a funky modem twist.

Words: Malik Fernandez

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