Remember Remember – Forgetting the Present [Rock Action]

Rock Action instrumental group and former Scottish Album Of The Year nominees Remember Remember return with their latest album Forgetting the Present, a follow up to the 2011 release The Quickening.

The seven-piece ensemble led by Glasgow based musician Graeme Ronald present us with close to an hour of their original style of atmospheric experimental music.

This release sits right at home on the Rock Action label, with the influence of label fathers Mogwai shining through, here Remember Remember have created a sound with the post-rock stylings of bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Explosions In The Sky while moving towards a more electronic route.

Over recent years we have seen Rock Action take to more electronic acts with bands like Errors, as well as as Mogwai themselves taking a more electronic path on their 2013 album Rave Tapes.

These days all instrumental acts are quickly cast into the ‘post-rock’ genre but it’s not that simple with Remember Remember as the band add a much more sterile and less guitar based vibe to the music, not a million miles away from the modern jazz stylings of bands like Snarky Puppy.

Opening on the epic wall of sound that is ‘Blabbermouth’ and taking us through stand out tracks like ‘Magnets’, the danceable, video game like ‘Pterodactyl’, the slow grooving ‘Why the Blue Face’, a track which brings in a somewhat middle eastern vibe to the music and closing out on the dreamy nine-minute epic ‘Frozen Frenzy’.

In Forgetting the Present Remember Remember have created an incredibly atmospheric, interesting and musical experience, an extremely impressive release from one of Scotland’s most renowned instrumental acts.

Words: Iain Gillon

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