TeenCanteen – ‘You’re Still Mine’ [S.W.A.L.K. Records]

From the very opening line of the new single from all-girl, indie-pop, foursome TeenCanteen, (Im not asking you to love me/Im asking you to tell me why you dont) we immediately get the feeling that these girls are not asking to be heard as nicely as their sound would lead you to believe.

Instead, they are demanding to be heard under the guise of a sickly sweet and charging melodic sound.

Their concept is interesting as solely female, indie-pop bands of the Scottish persuasion are few and far between and like a breath of fresh air, is rather invigorating.

This second single from the girls released on S.W.A.L.K Records and recorded in Glasgow’s La Chunky Studios throws you off balance as its contradictions overlap, sweet but demanding and upbeat yet the heartache felt through the lyrics is evident.

Looking past the sweet and sometimes sickly infectious melodies, is a unique and new sound, on a first listen ‘You’re Still Mine’ is easy dismissible as rather vast and empty, however, the magic in this track is that by the third listen, the honesty in the work becomes infections and by your fifth listen, it becomes tranquillising.

These girls are not asking you to love their sound but they’re definitely challenging why you can not learn to love it.

Words: Katharine Gemmell

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