Fat Goth at Tut’s 5/7/14

It’s not easy being from out of town and playing the headline slot in a town like Glasgow, a city known for showing great support to its own lively, young upstarts and street urchins.

It’s no surprise then, that the turn out for local warm up acts; Between Mockingbirds and Ape Man Alien is strong, rambunctious and wholly enthused.

By the time Dundonian trio Fat Goth shamble on stage at 10:30pm much of the fevered crowed had dissipated – no doubt to the downstairs lounge to catch the end of the World Cup match and to buy some pints at the bar, with their mates who had just came off stage.

Taking this in their stride Fat Goth parade on stage, confident and ready to entertain.

Launching into ‘Sin Alter’ a track from recent album One Hundred Percent Suave, demonstrates just how tight this band are at the moment.

Playing an energetic and some what frenetic set, rarely pausing for between track banter, expect for: “our new albums out, you can buy it if you like”.

Despite the jovial and somewhat tongue-in-cheek moniker, Fat Goth are a force to be reckoned with.

The guitars are crunchier than a packet of Quavers, the bass has a scrupulous swagger and the drums are a menacing continuous throb, it’s unbelievable the level of noise these three boys can make.

Next up is – wait for it – ‘You’ll Find Me In Da Club’ (and to be perfectly frank, I’m having a cracking time).

No not a fun upbeat homage to 50 Cent, but in reality a rather dark song tipping the cap to the likes of Eighties Match Box B-Line Disaster and talking about “ruined Birthday cake”, “fellatio in a Chevrolet” and something to do with not being 100% confident in how you look.

The band play the rest of their set with the same fringe flapping enthusiasm and career through what fells like a rather quick (curfew imposed) set.

Other stand out tracks are; ‘Sweet Mister Scary’, ‘Creepy Lounge’ and ‘The Stevie Nicks Method’, while older material like ‘Surf’s Down’ also has many a head bopping along.

The performance is entertaining, loud and in the end you come away with a satisfied ringing in your ears, next time Glasgow hang around and show some more support to your northern cousins, you wont be disappointed.

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Words/Photos: Angela Canavan

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