So Many Animal Calls – Burden [Bloc+ Music]

Having had a month or so to digest their new EP Burden, it can be confirmed that So Many Animal Calls are most definitely back, and they state their intent from the off with ‘From The Sick Bed’, a great opener with huge sounding guitars and some well thought out, melodic bridge sections, with more of the same on following track ‘My Blood’s Not Mine’.

Third track ‘Chromatography Is For Kids’ is a great piece of songwriting about teenage sex among other things, the polished Piano and glockenspiel parts make for a nice change and the intertwining vocal parts at the end add a sweet-sounding natural build-up.

‘Stories’ highlights the great musicianship on show within the four-piece and is another brilliant song to finish the release, which shows a coming of age of So Many Animal Calls, who’s first EP since 2011’s Eulogy is a fine showing of the unique brand of Scottish indie they’re trying to create.

Words: Neil Hayton

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