Mungo’s Hi Fi – Serious Time [Scotch Bonnet]

Glasgow’s finest international dancehall dub collective do not disappoint with their third double LP Serious Time, the project has come a long way since being just a keen group of dancehall and reggae enthusiasts to releasing music on their own label, Scotch Bonnet.

Performing globally with their customised soundsystem ensures their technically enhanced beats are delivered in their trademark belting way.

Blending Studio One style brass with ground-shuddering bass Serious Time has a lot to offer its hungry growing fanbase, the album name is also the opening track and showcases what Mungo’s fans know best, their unmistakably upbeat reggae rhythms that prompt even the stillest of ravers to bounce and sway, conveying the group’s determination to progress to a backdrop of bouncy trumpets, and uplifting percussion.

‘Bike Rider’ is a heavier, dubbier track that will beckon and entice any skank enthusiast and simultaneously educate them on the benefits of bicycle use, while ‘Thousand Style’ is a catchy up-tempo summer jam sampling the vocal talents of Major Lazor collaborator Mr Williamz as well as the Beverley Hills Cop signature theme and ‘Nice it Up’ is a slow, sexy jam with a rolling, wobbly bassline to cater to fans of a deeper, naughtier sound.

As well as regular Mungo’s vocal talents Soom T, Charlie P, YT, Marina P, Solo Banton and Parly B, the album includes collaborations with reggae royalty Peter Metro and Cornel Campbell and features special guests Blackout JA, Speng Bond, and Warrior Queen.

The stand-out quality of this album is the quantity and variety of fresh music and vocal talent coupled with the original signature Mungo’s sound and although most tracks have a fun, carefree vibe, ‘Slavery’ brings a more serious tone to the album with thought provoking lyrics blended with a smooth, melodic bassline.

Fresh from outstanding collaborations with Major Lazor and Brighton’s Prince Fatty, the pulsing heart of the Glasgow dancehall scene certainly bring the noise with their diverse new LP and are pleased to present fifteen shiny new tracks that make for perfect summer (and all year round) listening.

Having gifted many international stages with a slice of reggae action from Slovakia to Mexico and performed at festival such as Outlook, Womad and magnificent festival giant Glastonbury, Mungo’s Hi Fi are continuing to spread dub love across the globe.

Serious Time reflects the seriously sophisticated musical production that this dynamic collective deliver but contrary to the album name, the record is sure to help you enjoy the less serious side of life.

Best enjoyed live, Walk n Skank is the weekly night run by the Mungo’s Hi Fi collective held in The Berkley Suite every Thursday.

Words: Sophie Mead


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