APACHE DARLING are a new Glasgow electronic/synthpop act preparing to release their debut EP, More Than Me, here they give us a taste what’s to come with the release of the title track.

Perhaps listeners could be quick to jump to quick and easy comparison to newly acclaimed Glasgow electronic act CHVRCHES but this would be a fairly lazy comparison, aside from being a Scottish, female led electronic act the two groups have very few similarities.

Instead, APACHE DARLING bring to mind the sound of acts like fellow Glasgow band Prides, with their pounding bass drums and danceable rhythmic patterns, as well as North Carolina new wave electronic act Future Islands, with their catchy synth lines and soulful style.

‘More Than Me’ is a taster of what is hopefully great things to come from this very interesting group, with its catchy and intricate synth line, soulful vocals, powerful chorus and complex, well devised structure.

Words: Iain Gillon

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