Be Like Pablo, Wonder Villains, Craws at Broadcast 18/7/14

Brand new music from members of Farewell Singapore, Craws, open tonight’s show with blaring guitars and loud drums.

The band manage to squeeze in 16 songs during their half hour set including a song dedicated to Adventure Time and one about ‘Fluff Spiders’.

Closing their set with a song about their hometown of Elgin, which breaks into life with the lyrics “take me back to high school, I want to go back to high school” and finishes off their set nicely leaving the crowd with an idea of what Craws have to offer.

Next up are four-piece party-pop band, Wonder Villains who bring a whole different energy to the room.

The band who traveled over from Derry offer upbeat, catchy lyrics and rhythms making it hard to not tap your feet along to.

Lead vocalist, Eimear Coyle has an incredibly unique voice, which works perfectly next to Keytarist, Cheylene Murphy’s vocals.

From their live set, it is obvious the band have a great chemistry and have a lot of fun playing together, which carries across into the crowd leaving a smile on everyone’s faces.

Forres power-pop headliners Be Like Pablo burst into life from the moment they begin to play filling the room with the sound of upbeat synth, sublime harmonies and catchy lyrics.

It is clear that like Wonder Villians, Be Like Pablo share a great chemistry between band members, allowing the four vocalists to harmonise superbly while still managing to showcase each of their individual vocal range.

Each member’s vocal style is highlighted in ‘Without the Pain’, a slightly heavier song, compared to the previous upbeat pop, featuring spoken word vocals and heavier guitar, making it standout from the rest of the set.

The band also manage to create a good connection with the audience and involves them in a set exchanging playful and friendly remarks.

Be Like Pablo who describe themselves as ‘punk rock for nerds’ certainly live up to this claim, they may not be the coolest band around but it is clear that they are enjoying what they are doing, and this makes it hard not to find them incredibly loveable.

Closing song ‘Someone to Love’ is met by waving arms the sound of singing from the audience, it is clear that the band has chosen to end the night with an obvious crowd pleaser and feel-good song to make sure everyone in the room is left with a sense of satisfaction.

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Words: Jess Lavin
Photos: Bill Gray


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