With quite a buzz surrounding Glasgow synthpop duo APACHE DARLING after just one track, we threw them a few questions to allow them to introduce themselves, kill the CHRVCHES echoes and maybe entice you to catch them during their weekly Broadcast residency, which started yesterday.


APACHE DARLING are Stefanie Lawrence & Andrew Black. 

Andrew: We take our name from the ’60s hit ‘Apache’ by The Shadows.

Stefanie: It was the first song my dad taught me on the guitar and reminds me of him. 

How did you get together?

Stefanie: We had known each other for a few years and always talked about writing songs. We knew we had similar musical influences but also introduced each other to new music. We thought this would help when it came to writing. 

Andrew: We both started to get into electronic music at the same time which ended up being a big part of our sound.

What do you guys do previously to APACHE DARLING?

Andrew: We had both been in other bands together and separately, but we were never the songwriters. We can talk about the music we love for hours together and it made total sense to start writing our own. We started writing in our flat in Dennistoun last year.

Stefanie: Once we had some material, we knew we wanted to use a band live so started working with Charlotte Printer (bass) and Ewan Laing (drums). They are an important part of our live sound.

What can we expect from the upcoming single?

Andrew: Our single is called ‘More Than Me’ gives people a really good idea of what our sound is. We are very melody driven and like to have catchy hooks and riffs that people will remember. We recorded the songs at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow. We both would live in a studio if we could! 

Stefanie: Our b-side is called ‘Ghost’ and is a lot darker with a more retro ’80s sound. We thought it would be a good contrast for our first single. It’s also one of my favourites to sing live and was also recorded and written at the same time as ‘More Than Me’.

You’re already being compared to CHVRCHES, being an electronic, female fronted outfit, what do you make of these comparisons?

Andrew: It’s an easy comparison to make because we use lots of keyboards and come from the same city. We love CHVRCHES and it’s really cool to be compared to a band we really like, but we are keen to show that we have our own identity and are not “just another…”

Stefanie: I think comparisons will always be made with any new band. We’ve also recently been compared to Eurythmics which is a massive compliment for us. We are both are big fans. They have had so many great songs that still sound so current. It’s something to aim for. 

You have a residency at Broadcast prior to any official releases, how did that come about?

Stefanie: Although the single isn’t out yet, we’ve been sharing it with some promoters. The guys at PCL who book Broadcast really liked the song and we were lucky to be offered these shows to coincide with the release. We like Broadcast a lot as a venue, so are excited to be playing there. We have four dates coming up which are:

Wednesday July 30th
Wednesday August 6th
Wednesday August 13th
Saturday August 23rd

What can we expect from these shows?

Stefanie: You can expect a lot of synths and sequins. We can’t wait to start playing gigs.

Andrew: We write songs with the live performance in our heads, so playing them in front of an audience is the best part.

After these shows and the pending single release, what can we expect from APACHE DARLING?

Stefanie: We’re aiming to have another single out later this year and will be continuing to write as much as possible. The best thing to do is follow us on all the social places from our website: www.apachedarling.com

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