Dec ’91 – Natasha’s Attic Vol. 1

Natasha’s Attic Vol. 1 is the first collection of songs published by Craig Patrick Ferrie under the moniker Dec ’91, was named after his ex-girlfriends attic in Dunblane where he lived until moving to Glasgow.

The EP features six songs produced and performed entirely by Ferrie, which mostly have a very raw, stripped back and honest feel.

Opener ’18/03/14′ is a great example of this, a particularly slow song featuring the sound of only a guitar and Ferrie’s voice.

Dec ’91 breaks this mould in track ‘I Know You’re Sad’ a much more upbeat and almost happy sounding track, however the track title and lyrics such as “I know you’re sad, I see it in your eyes you’re sad,” makes happy hardly seem like a suitable description.

‘Kevin’ and ‘Gdansk’ bring back the raw honest sound that Dec ’91 has managed to capture extremely well within this record.

Natasha’s Attic Vol. 1 may not include the upbeat tracks you are looking for during the summer but it is certainly full of tracks that make you think.

‘My Anuse’ stands out on the record as it is slightly more upbeat than the other tracks while still fitting in with Dec ’91’s unique style and showcasing what the record is all about.

Final track ‘Holly’ is the softest on the EP and offers a relaxed gentle close to this unique record.

Natasha's Attic Vol. 1 by Dec '91

Words: Jess Lavin

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