Chasing Owls – Quell

Quell is the second EP from Edinburgh based indie folk band Chasing Owls, this four member indie collective have created a simple but enjoyable collection of folk songs, from anthem like melodies to big festival tracks.

The EP starts on a simple note with ‘ The Cutting Years’, a folk track with a modern heart, quotable lyrics and rhythmic guitar riff, reminiscent of an early Of Monsters and Men track.

‘The Cutting Years’ is a well produced and meticulously arranged song with a long lasting appeal, a would be folk anthem.

Quell rolls from big scale anthem atmosphere to a softer and more personal sound in ‘The Old Man’, which suggests at strong a emotional meaning with its simple rhythms and strong lyrics.

The vocals of lead singer Ben Sunderland and backing vocalist Immie Mason are masterfully mixed throughout the song but come to the front during the chorus with “the oooold man, the ooooold man”.

Swiftly moving from the rolling beats of ‘The Old Man’, Quell swings into ‘Train’, a lighter, more accessible track with a foot tapping rhythm.

‘Train’ is the festival song of the record, it brings to mind the busy twilight gigs of festivals and sweet summer cider, it’s a song that embodies all of what Chasing Owls have shown though out the EP, a solid indie folk diamond.

Quell is an effortlessly written weave of boy/girl vocals and emotional engaging lyrics, a record of simple tracks with lasting appeal and relevance, a triumph from the Chasing Owls.

Words: Malik Ferdandez

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