Magners Summer Nights at the Bandstand with Alison Moyet, 9/8/14

This was my second show of the Magners Summer Nights series and my first time seeing Alison Moyet, the sun is shining as Moyet takes the stage there is still a feel good factor around the amphitheatre.

The crowd gives a massive applause as the stage door opens and the first notes of ‘Horizon Flame’ are played.

We were told that the set would be songs from new album Minutes and along with some older material, all the songs are arranged for an electronic set as the only instruments are keyboards/synths and guitars.

The first oldie is ‘Nobody Diary’, which was written when Moyet was a youthful 16-year-old and has sections of the crowd dancing in the isles, as much as the staff are trying to stop them.

New songs included ‘When I Was Your Girl’, ‘Changling’ and the art house inspired ‘Filigree’, which was wrote after a wet day in an Amsterdam cinema.

A full moon appears over the refurbish bandstand, which just adds to the atmosphere, the first notes to ‘Only You’ has the crowd cheering and clapping, the first sing-along of the night, camera phones at the ready as selfies were taken.

As the Magners flows the crowd are up and down like yo-yos, girls selling ice cream in 50s style polka dot outfits make the evening feel special, as a slowed down version of ‘Is This Love’, arms were being  flung around shoulders and hands were being held, all we needed was the lighters.

‘All Cried Out’ shows off Moyet’s vocals perfectly and unlike some singers from the 80’s she still sounds great, as the set ends, the crowd of mostly 40-50-year-olds cheer and start shouting for more.

As the first song of the encore, ‘Love Resurrection’, starts the crowd rush the front of the stage and has everyone on their feet dancing away like they were teenagers again, ‘Move On Up’ continues with the feel good factor, even I was singing along!

As ‘Don’t Go’ ends this synth inspired set everyone leaves in good cheer for one night of the summer, the Savoy came to Kelvingrove Bandstand.

Words: Bill Gray


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