Best Girl Athlete – ‘Leave It All Behind/Best Girl Athlete in School’ 

Close your eyes and take a second to embrace the subtle tones of Best Girl Athlete (aka Katie Buchan) who at the young age of 15 has managed to execute and produce quite a charming debut double single.

‘Best Girl Athlete in School’ is a soft, laid back piece, that conjures memories of slow Sunday mornings, it is contemplative and considered in it’s construction; growing up with her father, musician CS Buchan, Katie may have benefitted from the exposure to the music industry but this debut release is an accomplished piece in its own right.

‘Leave It All Behind’ is musically varied but lacks substance when it comes to lyrics, although this is potentially reflective of her age and stage in her career so doesn’t detract from what is a very pretty composition containing guitar, (what appears to be a) glockenspiel and smooth backing rhythms on drums.

The most impressive part about both tracks is the level of maturity and skill in Katie’s vocals, which could rival many established singers on the indie scene, if this is what she is capable of now, you may be left with an itching anticipation as to what future productions could bring.

Words: Rachel Cunningham

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