There Will Be Fireworks, Youth And The Young at Oran Mor, 23/8/14

There Will Be Fireworks play to a healthy and appreciative crowd in Oran Mor tonight under pinning their growing reputation on the back of their second release, The Dark, Dark Bright.

The main support act, The Youth and the Young, fill the stage with their ensemble of guitarists, two lead singers and a violinist and they deliver a toe-tapping set of jangly songs beautifully crafted and wonderfully sung by their enthusiastic male lead and his female partner who has a distinctive voice and charming voice.

Falling squarely into the folk rock genre there is a hint of Admiral Fallow and Mumford and Sons about their set yet they have a sound of their own that easily merits a headline gig.

Clearly the crowd are here for There Will Be Fireworks, highlighted by a gaggle of young “groupies” occupying the front row in matching t-shirts and singing every word along with lead singer Nicky McManus.

These Glasgow boys deliver a set of angst ridden, throat shredding songs which McManus really sells to the crowd with a sincerity that belies his tender years, from the haunting ‘Our Hearts Did Beat’, to the storming ‘South Street’ the pace and quality of the gig rarely drops.

The highlight of the set is ‘The River’, a phenomenal song with complex guitar riff, a gorgeous rhythm section and broody, moving lyrics.

McManus has little to say for himself, but he doesn’t need to as he can rely on the sheer quality of his songs to speak to his audience, he does however label a few tracks of the set as “old songs” as he delivers tracks their self titled first album, it’s hard to believe this young band have old songs.

Judging by the strong crowd which straddles ages from teenagers to middle aged men, who all lap up the bands offerings, these guys will be about for a long time.

Their current album is a gem and for a tenner you will get a CD that will be on repeat in your car, go see and listen.

More Photos

Words: Peter Dorrington
Photos: Alexander Gibson


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