The Mona Lisa’s – ‘Wasted Time’

There is a certain commonality to the feeling of being trapped expressed by the indie rock group The Mona Lisa’s on their debut single ‘Wasted Time’.

This Fife five-piece want to break out and on the evidence of ‘Wasted Time’ and they have all the attributes to achieve such an ambition.

Influences are abundant, but only rear their head at certain moments and are never too laboured; for example, in the intro you could be forgiven for confusing ‘Wasted Time’ for a new Interpol release and within the bass led breakdown there is a pleasing nod to The Hives ‘Walk Idiot Walk.’

Their main inspiration, however, remains, as it has for many a young male band, rooted in that early Oasis sound with its fuzzy open chord anarchy and simple but effective lead guitar licks.

The Mona Lisa’s are a young band with intrepid intention and what’s more they want to take you along for the journey, just don’t ask them to remain stationary.

Words: David Mcphee


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