Andrew Pearson & Lovers Turn to Monsters – Everything We Miss [Common]

When Andrew Pearson meets Kyle Wood (Lovers Turn to Monsters) the sparkles generated turn music into an uplifting entity, soothing any kind of pain and undeniably provoking heartrending reminiscence of things past and making you wonder what will happen next.

These are the kind of collaborations that expose why music sometimes can be considered as more than what it actually is.

Both singers enlighten the record song after song, as a mark of mutual respect they let each other express themselves one song at the time, leaving the record layered into two intertwined levels.

At first, those two artists seem light-years apart from each other and two songs on the album provide this strange detachment, while ‘Lavender’ is a gentle ballad about childhood memories and nostalgia that inspires happiness, the following song ‘This is Not a Secret Stars Song’ strikes by its sheer melancholy and its bringing-small-tears-to-the-corner-of-your-eyes kind of feeling.

But then again everything collides perfectly when the last track ‘You’ll Be The Death of Me’ kicks in, divulging impeccable songwriting skills and talented musical accompaniment.

Both artists are compelled to tackle heavy subjects making their music more intricate, simple but sophisticated.

Music becomes poetry distilled through simplistic acoustic guitar riffs that lay bare two artists that are inclined to their own feelings and aware of what surrounds them, their humility is almost palpable, propelled to be shared with anyone willing to listen to their music.

Words: Jeremy Veyret


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