Ringo Deathstarr, The Cherry Wave, Life Model at Broadcast, 30/8/14

First up tonight are Glasgow’s Life Model, who head off the reverb-heavy night to an ample crowd already gathered in Broadcast basement.

Fans of My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders and Ride will be at ease listening to their prolific blend of shoegaze and grunge.

Grounding originality in their more noise pop elements, Sophie Evans has a rich vocal that commands the audience and transcends to anthemic quality on candid songs about enduring: “I am more than just a pick me up or a pass-time on a rainy Saturday”.

Joined by singer Hannah Hastings they wrap up their set with a cover of ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ accomplishing the surprising feat of making a Klaxons song relatable.

The Cherry Wave up the intensity and noise with a set packed with tight sections of melodic fuzz and the room fills out for a Dinosaur Jr-worthy sludgefest.

A wall of noise and strong rhythm section uphold singer/guitarist Paul’s indistinguishable monologue and with a lot of big muff and very little gazing at shoes, they charge through the set.

It’s just a shame the lead guitar sound isn’t quite loud enough when he let rips, grinding his guitar over the basement support beams, so that the rhythm noise out-thrashes him.

Ringo Deathstarr are everything a band should be in a live set-up; the intricaciesof their melodies, the ease with which they alternate duel vocal on consecutive songs and the effortless charm that comes from not taking themselves too seriously, are likely to win most over.

This tour saw the trio perform tracks from new EP God’s Dream showcasing a variety of song structures and stylistics to silence any previous calling out of their straight-up shoegaze sound.

A quick re-organisation sees guitarist and drummer switch places mid-set, which easily could have detracted from the energy but is only a merit to the innovative trio.

Simultaneously, the harmonies they’ve perfected since 2007 creates the feeling they’re working together instinctually, that serves to highlight the power of a band where every member understands perfectly the moment to combine force and when to slip back.

Songs from the set alternate between a dreamy, psychedelic atmosphere to a fast-tempo jagged punk delivery creating a diverse homage to influential genres, while combining styles on certain tracks allowing their performance to speed by.

Their new release effortlessly exudes maturity, flooded with indicators that the band are much more than talented musicians dutifully referencing My Bloody Valentine, but a collaborative exploration of the best elements of alt rock from the shoegaze/post-punk canon.

Title-track ‘God’s Dream’ proves to be the stand-out of the night, with Alex Gehring taking the lead, they reel in the fuzz and the twinning of urgent drums from Daniel Colburn and floating vocals from Gehring create a tension between the persistent and the detached, leading into a building guitar solo that deservedly shows off all members at their best.

Words: Heather O’Donnell
Photos: Nadia Murdoch

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