Scary People – ‘Guided By The Blind’ [Redroom]

Scotland has seen its fair share of rock bands in the last decade, Sucioperro, Terra Diablo, and of course Biffy Clyro to name some, however few are as fan-rocking-tastic as Scary People as this young Dundee band have accrued two EP and the title of ‘ones to watch’.

Following their recent EP release Chicago, Scary People have created a wickedly rocking track in ‘Guided By The Blind’, a beautifully abrasive track with a distinctive rhythm and flair it’s reminiscent of Swedish rock band Kamchatka.

Scary People have created an emotionally deep and mature rock track filled with a talent and finesse more familiar to veteran rockers.

‘Guided By The Blind’ starts as your general rock into, simple chords and a steady drum beat, then the vocals kick in turning this relatively understated track into a powerhouse tune, the chorus of this thundering beast is incredibly powerful, with chilling politically aimed lyrics and heavy riffs.

With a sound and lyrical focus that points to a maturity far dwarfing the bands age, ‘Guided By The Blind’ will propel Scary People to greater heights given half the chance.

Words: Malik Fernandez


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