Steady State Regime – Perestroika

With a steady flow of inspiration from cool 70’s rock to the indie scene of the 2000’s, Steady State Regime have created a modern tribute to classics.

Born in Glasgow 2011, SSR are an indie/rock band with a varied repertoire, applauded for their live shows and enthusiastic playing, SSR have released their first EP Perestroika.

Perestroika, produced by Derek O’Neill at Chem 19 studios, ticks all the right boxes with a style like a Scottish Oasis, this record is a masterfully produced first EP from a band who claim to be “Scotland’s premier psychedelic, indie, shoegaze band (or some pish like that…)” and they do not disappoint.

Perestroika quickly gets down and dirty with ‘Dr Dietrich’, their ode to the post-punk era of the past, a tune reminiscent of early Supergrass, it beats you into a musical coma with its heavy drums and screaming guitar, then smoothly pulls you out with a cool instrumental jam, a head-bangingly enjoyable track.

Moving on to the newest track on Perestroika, ‘User’, a grungy amalgamation of Nirvana vocals and guitar heavy track with that signature squeal that is prevalent throughout the EP.

Starting off slow and mellow, ‘User’ then grows into a grunge anthem, “I’m not a user” screaming in your face, a worthy new addition to the SSR set list.

As a first EP Perestroika is a rocking addition to any collection, a great foundation for what could become something great.

SSR have created a niche rock record but with enough flair and finesse to appeal to a larger audience, playing in September/October in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Steady State Regime are a band that deserve to be seen.

Words: Malik Fernandez


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