The Insomniac Project – ‘Parallels’

‘Parallels’ is the glossy new single from Glaswegian synth pop newcomers, The Insomniac Project.

Tagging their work with the rather beautiful “No Sleep for the Dreamers”, there’s a nagging house music influence to the programmed drums, but the key influence here is sky-scraping French electro-pop stars M83.

Male and female vocals collide in a shower of stars on a track that feels engineered for the club yet possessed of a human heart as they croon away “it’s time, it’s time for us to change”.

The commitment to making it work in a club environment means there’s little in the way of a climax but it’s well constructed and the slow burn gives it a more romantic feel.

With stylish production reminiscent of James Murphy’s work with LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire, there’s a clarity to the melodies and the looping synths that allows ‘Parallels’ to worm its way into your head and cling tightly to your synapses.

An exciting debut.

Words: Max Sefton


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